Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Johnny English Reborn

Johnny English Reborn | After the success in 2003, Rowan Atkinson funny series starring Mr. Bean is back in the movie Johnny English Reborn part 2 (2011).

Movies with bandage action and comedy became his trademark. With silliness, patterns of funny and hilarious style of His Mr. bean, Rowan Atkinson has managed to shake up the audience for this movie.

The story begins as Johnny English learning martial arts in Tibet to study martial arts. Johnny adventure this time as a secret agent must stop a group of international assassins aimed at creating global chaos by eliminating world leader.

The most ridiculous scene I remember in the movie when, Johnny English meetings with the agents Secret Service and has trouble with his seat up and down - up and down. With the style of Mr. Bean as if nothing happened and he looks very silly on the bench.

The film which 101 minutes duration was directed by Oliver Parker and distributed by Universal Studios. Those who do not watch the movie in theaters can immediately ran to look for the DVD guaranteed this film could make you laugh.

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