Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Ghost Writer (2010)

The ghost writer (2010) | One thing that makes me so excited about The Ghost Writer: I am a fan of the Chinatown mystery thriller (1974) Polanski's masterpiece and I have always been a fan for movies like this. It means movie reveals the mystery from the perspective of the main character, although here Ewan McGregor is not a detective, but he still took the position of detective with the audience. This is a perfect storytelling for a mystery thriller, which could certainly give memorable cinematic experience.

Based on the novel entitled The Ghost by Robert Harris, The Ghost Writer is a political thriller story with the main character a writer (McGregor) who gets a job to become an author biography of a political figure, former British Prime Minister Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan ), the latter of controversy as a result of a war criminal conspiracy relating to the Iraq War. Mystery was built with guidance from the previous ghost recently drowned, have connections associated with people around the life of Lang.

The Ghost Writer has a serious case of interest with the development of the plot that makes the audience guessing what happens next, memorable characters, played well, visual tone and the cold scoring, and the very sweet story execution. Incredible. Suspenseful and entertaining. One of the best movies of the year.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Super Junior Personnel

Super Junior Personnel | Who does not know the boy band Super Junior? Maybe, for fans of K-pop music, Super Junior is a band that is no stranger, but perhaps some peoples also ask the certainty the number of Super Junior personnel. Currently, our beloved country is being hit by Korean fever. How not, from teenagers, mothers and even the men now idolized artist from Korea. One of the idols of our society today is the boy band Super Junior. 

Super Junior Personnel Divided in Many Units

 If we follow the development of boyband Super Junior from the initial debut to the present may be very aware of the changes in the number and Super Junior's personnel. Here, we will discuss the changes in the amount of personnel Super Junior. From the beginning the first time debut and first album, Super Junior numbering 12 personnels. The 12 of Super Junior personnels as we know is Heechul, Leeteuk, Yesung, Kangin, Kibum, Shindong, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Hangeng, Sungmin and Ryeowook, and this is what they are officially registered as an official member of Super Junior. 

From Super Junior personnel, initially Ryeowook did not exist at the time the debut. Ryeowook became Super Juniar member is to replace Debutante were drawn in by SM Entertainment who became Super Junior's Production House until now, before the first album was officially circulated. 

After the first album officially released, at the second single release, Super Junior personnel was increased to 13 personnels with the added Kyuhyun. At that time the fans of Super Junior, called ELF or Everlasting Friend's protest because the personnel of Super Junior is added and reported at that time will be divided into sub-units. 

On the second album release, in addition to personnel Super Junior with 13 members, Super Junior is divided into four units. Sub-unit of which SUJU T. Super Junior is devoted to singing to Trot music. Then SUJU HAPPY, as the name suggests it is a special unit of Super Junior sang a cheerful theme music, for example, just the Super Junior’s song entitled Rokugo were very cute and pleasant. 

Then, the unit Super Junior K R Y. In unit Super Junior or the unit's personnel Suju KRY Super Junior specially incorporated Ballad singing. One of the personnel who entered at the Super Junior sub-unit was Kyuhyun. And the second unit is a unit of Super Junior M, the unit is devoted to singing Mandarin songs. At Suju M sub units, specifically personnel added another two people, the Henry and Zhoumi. The unit Super Junior M is localized for the market in China. So that when added together all personnel Super Junior was 15.

On the third album, Super Junior personnel named Kibum declared non-active from the activities of Super Junior with the reasons for wanting to focus on his acting career. After that, followed by the Hangeng decision who decided to come out of Super Junior and demanded SM Entertainment by law. Not only that, scandal that called D.U.I. Kangin, which forced Kangin to non-active from Super Junior's activities and decided that he had volunteered to participate in the draft. 

With the incidence of Hangeng who decided to resign from Super Junior, Super Junior unit or SUJU M was forced to be disabled when Super Junior M is in its promotion of the SUPER GIRL album. And on the fourth album release, Super Junior personnel consisted of 12 people, Kibum and Kangin did not participate. So the promotion period at Super Junior's fourth album is only done by ten personnel Super Junior. 

Thus is the history of Super Junior's personnel has changed from time to time.